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Your backlog may mean cases could run the Statute - yet increasingly technical medical issues demand higher expertise - new techniques, new research, new Standards of Care. Reaching doctors may seem more like sitting in their waiting room. Legal Nurse Consultants can help - but who best to communicate with physicians and put your cases on a fast track?

Consider Edward S. Gordon, MD, CMLC.

Dr. Gordon is both a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and is a Licensed Medical Doctor. His training in Family Practice puts years of hands-on and decision-making experience to work on your cases, having worked in numerous specialties, from Level-One Trauma to Neurosurgery, from OB/Gyne to Neurology Clinics. Dr. Gordon knows how doctors think - on the hospital floors, in surgical / obstetrical rooms, in the clinics - and at depositions, but can help with more than Malpractice cases.

After years of explaining complex medical issues for patients, Dr. Gordon can clearly translate medical science to usable terms for your legal staff. With extensive knowledge, training and experience in Medicine, Computers and Graphic Arts, you benefit from the streamlined efficencies of having an MD look at the source - say, the electronic (or paper) records in question - and then extract the pertinent evidence, report the findings, and as needed, create professional graphics for display to your legal team as well as directly for settlement or trial, without the confusion, duplication and loss of accuracy that might result from an extended chain of custody between multiple professionals.

Dr. Gordon received his Certificate in Legal Nurse Consulting and is a Licensed Medical Doctor specializing in Family Practice. With years of hands-on and decision-making experience, from Level-One Trauma Surgery to Outpatient Clinics, Dr. Gordon knows how doctors think - on the hospital floors, in surgical / obstetrical rooms, in the clinics - and at depositions.

He has also instructed hundreds - perhaps thousands - of physicians and medical researchers in cutting-edge technologies, in their labs, in their offices and at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, a prestigious surgical, clinical, teaching and research Medical Center.

From case selection through discovery, Dr. Gordon can isolate relevant issues, interpret complex records and explain them clearly to help you attain the settlement - or verdict - that your client seeks.

With unique expertise on computers in Medicine and Electronic Medical Records (his established IT consulting practice predates entering medical school), Dr. Gordon was consulted on the early development of some of the first Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software systems by the companies that pioneered them. He has also created medical illustrations and animations used by surgical teams and for patient education - now you can put this experience to work for your case today. Let him de-mystify even the most complex issues and simplify them - verbally and visually - to the trier of facts in your case.

Wouldn't you rather consult a Doctor?

Call Dr. Edward S. Gordon at 630-789-1234, or email to to learn how you can improve your success in all legal matters requiring medical expertise.

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